Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting


TEAM SIWIEC goes beyond just setting up businesses. Our team of experts also helps you grow by acquiring other business entities by working in sync with your objectives of the merger, and carry out fundamental target attractiveness; strategic fit studies; due diligence & business plan development; valuation; negotiations, funding and many other essential activities for a smooth integration of the target by the buyer/investor.

Of the numerous consultation services that we provide to facilitate your M&A activities, here’s a peak into a few:
Creating the best acquisition structure – from a legal, tax, and practical business perspective
Representing clients during negotiations with prospective buyers/investors or sellers /project owner
Determining true fair market value
Performing due diligence to identify risks & benefits
Modeling to demonstrate the benefits, returns of a business combination

Providing in-depth experience and guidance to quickly identify key terms and conditions which directly affect the viability of a proposed transaction

JV Venture Capital Project Funding Program
Venture Capital 60/40 program to give 100% financing.
A 60% loan and a 40% purchase of shares in project company.
Interest rates on loan for USD 4.75% or on Euro 3.25%. or on GBP 3.25%
Maximum term for loan 10 years.
Interest only payments on loan.
Government Funding Programs.
Refinancing of Debt.
Expansion and Growth Capital.
Competitive Rates.
Sovereign Guarantee