Investment Banking


Since the commencement day, this consultancy has been adduced pervasive solutions about the investment banking to the customers. SIWIEC confers you a bundle of services through financial consultant for a small corporate or large business venture. We feel proud to meet the needs of our clients at optimum prices.
Worldwide Commercial Project Finance

Liquid Debt Equity Funding.
50% Funding.
50% Equity.
50% Profit Split.
No Maximum Term Length.

Commercial Mortgages.
Loan to value 80%.
Interest rates for USD 7.5% or Euro 6.5%.
Maximum term 15 years.
Payments Capital and Interest.

Refinance of existing asset backed security.
Loan to value 80%.
Interest rates for USD 7.5% or Euro 6.5%.
Maximum term 15 years.
Payments Capital and Interest.

Builders Developers Loans for Real Estate Projects.
New or existing developments.
Loan for land purchase 60% of value or 85% development.
Loan term 15 years. Interest rate on USD 7.5% or Euro 6.5%.

Recourse and Non-Recourse Loan Facility

Backed by Bond/ Guaranty from Reputable Firm or as Investors demand.

Bridge Loan Facility

We provide Bridge loan services as a form of counterpart funding requirement or for debt servicing, all our bridge loans are backed with security/collateral.
The borrowers are required to pay all costs involved within the programs. SIWIEC stands out among project finance lenders with a proven track record of providing commercial project finance and worldwide venture capital. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

IPO & Private Placement Consulting

TEAM SIWIEC brings to the fore their immense knowledge of the subject and acumen to focus on providing consulting services with regards IPO and private placement to entrepreneurs and start-ups.
The primary services we offer are:
Development of financing packages and related documents – business plans and private placement documents
Capital structuring with valuations
Capital Sourcing – our funds, private investing, venture capital
Confidential consulting to CEOs and their management teams on preparing and posturing their companies for financing, private placement and IPO
Reviewing reverse merger transactions for private companies as public company merger candidates

International Trade Finance

Trade Finance can help your business cash flow as a way of payment security.
Leased or Purchased Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantee (BG) , Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) , Blocked Funds and Proof of Funds (POF) can help aid businesses in many ways such as, credit enhancement, project finance and trade finance.
You can apply for us to help you raise any of the listed Bank Instruments with our outsourced providers.

Investment & Wealth Management

SIWIEC’s dedicated Investment & Wealth Management team consists of seasoned wealth and investment practitioners with deep expertise. We understand where the sector has come from, where it is today, and its likely direction for tomorrow. In pursuit of client success, we apply fact-based thought leadership, specialist consulting capabilities, and solutions that include tested, proven and successful proprietary templates, models and methodologies.

Our Investment Advisory expertise, which has been built over several years of experience and continued learning, provides investment management services to:
SMEs and Large Corporations
Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs

We manage portfolios based on our clients’ needs, not on firm-mandated strategies, and construct portfolios by evaluating the full scope of investments to uncover those that best reflect your short-term and long-term financial needs, in the areas of:
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Savings Strategies
Education Funding
Employee Insurance Benefits
Insurance Protection and more.

The modes of investment we use include Insurance (Life & Non-Life), Mutual Funds, Real Estate and Equity products amongst a host of others.